What are Bridged Discord Forums?

By allowing you to integrate your Discord forum channels with your Commonwealth community via a Discord Bot, we hope to live up to this, by moving one more source of info into Commonwealth.

Bridged Forums

Today, we're thrilled to announce a new feature that will seamlessly merge relevant conversations from different platforms to help your community do stuff together—off or on-chain—Public Pages for Bridged Discord Forum Channels.

We first launched our product to link together your forum with your on-chain proposals, however realized it’s more than governance; we want to help:

How your community will benefit

  1. Less fragmented conversations in your community.
  2. A public, customizable URL for an indexed, SEO-friendly forum (I.e forums.[ethereum].xyz)
  3. Access to on-chain features of Commonwealth, turning a chat into a snapshot or on-chain proposal with a click.
  4. Easily link to discord forum discussion through Commonwealth

Setup your Bridged Discord Bot

Users need to be an Admin on both the Commonwealth Community and the Discord Server in order to setup the bridged forum feature

Step 1. Discord Server & Commonwealth Community Bridging

Step 2. Topic & Channel Bridging

Step 3. Post once - See Everywhere

Coming Soon

  1. Future: Provides a decentralized store of discord forums
  2. Expanding syncing to other applications: We're broadening our horizons to integrate platforms like Twitter, Farcaster, Discourse, and more.
  3. Interactive bots: Our Discord bot will be getting an upgrade, enabling you to create on-chain proposals directly from Discord.
  4. Bi-directional and authenticated posting: Post on Discord, view on Commonwealth, all authenticated by your ‣ .
  5. Customized experience: Tailor the forum to match your community's vibe.

Commonly Asked Questions

Welcome to our Bridged Discord Forum Commonly Asked Questions (AKA FAQ)

How do I setup the Discord Bridge bot?